Royal Financial Investment Group Set to Publish its First book

After providing the internet via Youtube, newspapers,  web articles, blogs and vidoes  with financial education over the years Royal Financial Investment Group is set to publish it first book “Wesley learns to Invest”. It will be available worldwide through in July, 2015 and through Amazon, Barnes&Nobles, Kindle, Ibook, etc. in late August, 2015.

Geared towards parents but great for children, for the first time ever this fiction book offers a gentle introduction to the stock market and investing, showing kids how they can obtain their financial goals.

Wesley is about to turn eleven years old, and he really wants a new GS4 gaming system. But money doesn’t grow on trees, so Wesley will have to work hard and save his money to be able to make that purchase. Wesley’s dad helps him out by teaching him the importance of investing and how stocks work.

Wesley Learns to Invest follows Wesley and his dad as they walk through a financial journey—from discovering what the stock market is, to choosing the right stocks, making a purchase, and receiving a dividend check. With his dad’s advice, Wesley is able to set goals and work toward them.

Offering a gentle introduction to stocks and long-term goals, Wesley Learns to Invest offers a fun and engaging way for adults to demonstrate to children the value of making smart decisions and spending money in a way that will yield the best benefit rather than simply seeking instant gratification.

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