Every parent should buy disney for the next generation!

Where does every mother want to go and take their kid(s) someday?…. DISNEY WORLD!  What is the #1 channel majority of men chose for sports?….ESPN (Which is owned by Disney).  Which channel majority  of kids love…..DISNEY! Every women loves the Lifetime channel but guess who owns that……Disney! Also who just brought the rights to StarWars…….you guess it Disney! So Disney has something for the whole family.

Disney is one of the 6 major companies that controls just about everything we watch. Disney  owns ABC, ESPN, PIXAR, Mirmax, and Marvel studios to name a few. Disney currently pays 1.11% in annually dividends, which is currently better then the annual federal interest rate on a 1 year CD. Disney has withstood depressions, recession, world wars, and still managed to grow. This would make a great birthday gift for your son, daughter, niece or nephew.

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