Apple “spring forward” event March 9 will “spring forward” Apple Stock

Every time Apple reveals new products it not only excites Apple fans but investors as well. The stock tends to become bullish leading up to and after Apple Events. How to profit? Buy apple stock or call options now and sell them next week after Apple “Spring forward event

Apple The Apple Watch will get the spotlight, but a few Mac updates are long overdue.

Apple Watch

This is a gimme. The Apple Watch has already been announced, so we know what it looks like and some basic things about how it works. We know it’s scheduled to launch in April, and we have some basic information about what it does. We know it requires an iPhone 5 or better and that it will support Apple Pay even when tethered to older phones. We know the price starts at $349, probably for the aluminum Apple Watch Sport model with a basic band.




Macs aren’t the targets of leaks to the extent that iDevices are, so this one is not as sure a bet as the Apple Watch. That said, most of Apple’s Mac lineup hasn’t been refreshed in well over a year (blame Intel). Among those products, there are three for which new Intel processors now exist: the MacBook Air (Broadwell U or perhaps Core M), the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro (Broadwell U again), and the Mac Pro (Haswell-EP and refreshed workstation GPUs from AMD). Higher-wattage quad-core parts suitable for the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro and most iMacs aren’t due until midyear.


The Apple Watch requires iOS 8.2, so iOS 8.2 is likely to drop on the day of the event or just after. It’s been through five developer betas and a new beta hasn’t been issued in a few weeks, which is usually a sign that release is imminent. If you don’t care about the Apple Watch, this update probably won’t amount to much more than a handful of bug fixes, but that’s fine too.

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