The market is approaching its peek and the decline is the phase after that. Investors in stocks are happy due to the market trading at a all time high. From 2009 until now  investors in stocks have been enjoying triple digit returns. People who weren’t invested into the market are now looking to the market as a gold mind. When the price of good rise we but less but when the price off assets rise we have a tendency to buy MORE & MORE which keeps prices running up and creates a bubble.  With the market doing great, low interest rates and unemployment the question is when will the federal reserve step in?

Dow Plunges Despite Fed Buyout Plan for Debt

The federal reserve will step in and raise interest rates to slow down the economy, which is a good thing. If your looking to join the market this will be a great time to save up money, educate yourself, and WAIT, because if your jump in now its a strong possibility that you will buy stocks at there peek.   If you have short term positions you should look at selling and keeping cash. If you have long term you should keep cash to buy more during the upcoming deep.

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