About Us

Committed to demystifying the world
of investing for real people

Royal Financial Investment Group founded on February 2013 by Mr. Prince Dyke. We produces videos, writes articles on financial and investment topics, and formed consulting company to educate and share extensive investment knowledge. Our goal is to provide honest, reliable information to common consumers through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and company website.

Prince Dykes

Founder – Royal Financial Investment Group

Mr. Dykes was unable to find resourceful information on how to invest, and therefore immersed himself in retirement accounts, funds, credit scores, trading and more. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Management followed by a Masters in Business Administration. Mr. Dykes then became an Investment Advisor Representative and a Securities Agent by North American Securities Administrators Association.

In addition to his work with Royal Financial Investment Group, Prince Dykes proudly serves his country as a serviceman on active duty. He is a Georgia native, and the youngest of four boys. When he’s not working, Dykes enjoys spending time with his family and listening to music.